Billy J. Bobo

Co-founder and Director

In 1990, Bill and his long-time associate, Pat Tomlin, founded LandTech Incorporated of South Carolina and now serve as members of the board of directors and as its executive committee after 26 years of hands-on experience in virtually every level of real estate development, from high-rise resort developments to small 100-unit primary subdivisions to major mixed-use planned unit developments with large commercial components as well as large conventional and traditional residential components.  Prior to entering private enterprise, Bill served a 20-year career in the United States Navy, attaining the commissioned line officer rank of lieutenant commander after advancing through the enlisted, warrant and commissioned warrant officer ranks.  His military career included service as the assistant naval attaché in Norway and as staff officer on two presidential commissions. Bill holds an associate degree from the University of the State of New York, and attended the College of General Studies, George Washington University, majoring in political science, while on active duty. He did not complete that program, however, as he was presented with and accepted an opportunity to join the ambassadorial staff at the United States Embassy in Norway before course work was completed in his major.

“LandTech has contributed greatly to the success of Fortress Builders. From the start of our company, they have done a professional job developing lots and holding some of the most beautiful and sought after neighborhoods in the Midlands. Kevin and his team of professionals work diligently to make sure the neighborhoods and lots are at the highest standards, from the entrances and amenities to the perfectly constructed lots. We at Fortress consider LandTech a partner that has helped us grow to be one of the most successful builders in the Columbia Housing market.”