Our Development Philosophy

Ten basic operating principles permeate all of all the company’s endeavors, from turning the first spade of soil to the final handshake with happy homeowners.


An Ideal Land Plan

Work to build a versatile development plan in harmony with the natural attributes of the land.


Visibility and Accessibility

Ensure each development’s entrance is easily identifiable and accessible to main roads.


Award Winning School District

Build family-driven communities centered around access to great schools.


Various Lifestyle Opportunities

Choose neighborhood locations that offer a wide array of lifestyle opportunities – including parks, shopping, recreation, churches, and more – in close proximity.


Avoid Market Saturation

Build in areas ripe for new development, avoiding oversaturated markets.


A Choice of Product and Price

Offer a variety of product choices that appeal to all of life’s stages.


Creation of a Marketing Magnet and a Statement of Excellence

Create a memorable sense of arrival with a sculpted and lushly landscaped entryway that conveys the excellence and prestige of the neighborhood, capturing the attention of both residents and visitors.


Develop an Aggressive Community Awareness Marketing Program

Provide each development with marketing tools to enhance community engagement early in the building process.


Adopt Strict Architectural & Landscape Standards

Maintain each neighborhood’s standard of excellence to ensure long term quality and growth.



Establish trust and credibility with both homebuilders and homeowners by developing planned community facilities and amenities at the beginning of the development.