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About LandTech

LandTech Incorporated of South Carolina is a private real estate development, marketing and management firm headquartered in Columbia, S.C., recognized as a market leader in the development of family-friendly communities and as a skilled and astute REO and special asset manager. The company was founded in the 1970s, with a focus on working with local lending institutions, and then the firm was incorporated in 1990. Since that time, our team has grown into a land development company with few peers, developing communities for our own benefit as well as for third parties. Over the years, our team’s skills have been tested time and time again in the most difficult economic conditions, in every case achieved outstanding results. Today, LandTech is known in the developer community and among landowners, lenders and builders as one of the most experienced, reputable firms in the Southeast.

Who We Are

At the heart of the LandTech difference is a deeply-rooted culture of teamwork. We assemble the right team from our staff, with expertise specifically matched to each opportunity. We manage all aspects of development and management in house, and our organization is scalable so that we can tackle any assignment, large or small, by adding and managing independent contractors.

Photo of Patrick L. Tomlin

Patrick L. Tomlin

Co-founder and Director

Pat entered into real estate development in the mid-1970s after completing college, graduate school and a brief stint at the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, where he established an MBO (Management by Objective) program for various departments within the agency. Since entering the real estate business four decades ago, he has had hands-on experience at virtually every level, including high-rise developments, lender workouts, small subdivisions, resort-oriented...

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Photo of Kevin B. Steelman

Kevin B. Steelman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin joined LandTech in 2000 after spending several years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen, during which time he served clients in the real estate, manufacturing and distribution industries. In the Business Advisory and Assurance Services Division of Arthur Andersen, Kevin was not only responsible for auditing and compliance functions but also advisory functions in business management, organization, planning, budgeting and automation. He began his...

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Photo of H.B. “Chuck” Munn

H.B. “Chuck” Munn

Chief Operating Officer

Upon graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Chemical Engineering (1972) and spending 4 years with the Beaufort Chemical Company, Chuck began a long, diversified and lucrative career in the real estate industry and hasn’t looked back.  His experience in real estate is unparalleled, ranging from planning and designing of communities to land acquisitions, infrastructure development management, project sales and marketing management, and the most senior levels of operations...

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Photo of Matt Cauthen

Matt Cauthen

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Matt joined LandTech in 2009 after five years at the international public accounting firm of Grant Thornton, LLP where he served as manager and was responsible for consulting, executive compensation, tax compliance, and advisory services for various clients. Previously, Matt worked with financial institutions, real estate development firms, government contractors, and construction product companies. Before entering the field of public accounting, Matt worked in banking and with his...

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Photo of James E. Anderson

James E. Anderson

Vice President, Land Development

Jim joined LandTech in October of 2005, bringing over 30 years of professional experience in the construction, engineering and land development industries. Jim's extensive experience as a Project Manager, Operations Manager, an Owner's Representative and owner of a consulting business ranges from the renovation and restoration of historic buildings to the construction of correctional and food manufacturing facilities, retail/shopping centers, schools, performing arts centers and...

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Photo of Joey Pfrommer

Joey Pfrommer

Vice President, Land Development

Joey joined LandTech in September of 2009 as a land development manager.  He has a Finance degree from Clemson University and has over 12 years of real estate development experience.  Joey’s responsibilities include land acquisition & due diligence, design & permitting, budgeting & financial analysis, and construction management.  He has successfully managed a vast array of projects within LandTech’s portfolio ranging from 40 lot subdivisions to 2,000+ unit...

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Photo of Mark A. K. Schimmoeller

Mark A. K. Schimmoeller

Project Manager

After three consecutive summer internships, Mark was invited to join the LandTech team in December 2017, immediately following his graduation from Clemson University.  Prior to earning a permanent position with LandTech, he served in a variety of roles at Southern Vistas Inc., an award-winning full-service Landscape Design/Build company owned by his father.  Beginning as a common laborer at age 12, Mark was promoted to project foreman by age 15, and eventually advanced to the role of...

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Photo of Jerrie Gross

Jerrie Gross

Office Manager

Jerrie joined LandTech after working in the retail business for 12 years.  As a supervisor for 10 convenience stores, she was responsible for daily operations to include customer service, purchasing, production, equipment maintenance, and troubleshooting.  She handled accounts payable and receivable, daily account balancing and reconciliation, inventory management, pricing, vendor sourcing, and negotiations.  Jerrie started with LandTech as an Office Administrator and later added the...

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About Our Building

Desiring to move its corporate offices into Columbia’s thriving Congaree Vista District, LandTech acquired the historic warehouse located at 522 Lady Street in 2008. The structure originally was built to house the operations of Jeff Hunt Machinery in the 1920s and later became widely known as the home of Columbia Cigar and Candy. In 2014, LandTech partnered with McCrory Construction and Lambert Architecture to re-develop the abandoned building into 29,000 square feet of prime office space. Several non-historical additions were demolished and a new stair lobby and third floor executive conference space with a rooftop deck were added to the structure. Much of the wood that was removed from the existing roof that was demolished for new structure to support the new 3rd floor and roof deck was salvaged and used for base boards, ceiling features, and stair treads. The project qualified for multiple historic tax credit programs and was recognized for excellence in preservation/restoration by both the Historic Columbia Foundation and the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation.

In 2014, LandTech acquired the right to operate two franchise offices of Century 21 real estate in the Charleston Market, with offices located in Summerville, SC and Mount Pleasant, SC. The Mount Pleasant office is located in the Park West community developed by LandTech and the Summerville office is located in historic downtown Summerville. In 2015, LandTech expanded this operation with the opening of a third Charleston office in West Ashley. The company has seen consistent growth and now has over 120 agents and ranks as the third largest franchisee in South Carolina based on sales volume.